Your Nightmare is ready. Let's begin!

Check out the first six books in the FrightVision middle grade book series

The FrightVision Middle Grade Book Series Trailer

Your nightmare is ready. Let's begin!

 ☠️ From the haunted mind of Culliver Crantz 

and his multiple personalities, comes FrightVision! ☠️

Goosebumps meets Stranger Things in this spooky, page turning, 

twist filled, new middle grade book series created by 

Award Winning Author, Culliver Crantz.

👀 See how it all begins in "The Cursed Coin." 

Two kids find a cursed coin  that unleashes evil powers. 

To get rid of it, they go on a nightmarish  quest that leads them to the scientists that created FrightVision. 🧪

💀 The  FrightVision book series was created by Culliver Crantz and was  inspired by all of the Goosebumps books he read as a kid. Goosebumps  played such a role in this that FrightVision had Tim Jacobus (the  original Goosebumps cover illustrator) draw our social media icon. 🖌

To create the series, Crantz teamed with many writers in order to have  different voices and characters experiencing FrightVision. 

Each book can  be read as a standalone, as the story is told through different  characters going through FrightVision. 

Though, if you want to know what  FrightVision is, 

how it all began, and how the books connect, 

start with The Cursed Coin (Book 1), 

then dive into all of the others ...

Picture Day (Book 2), Wishful Thinking (Book 3)

Framed For Life (Book 4), #GraveyardChallenge (Book 5), and 

The Attack of the Yellow Smart Sack (Book 6). 

Also, get  ready for The Cursed Coin 2 and MORE in late March 2020!👻 

Chapter 1 of The Cursed Coin Read by Culliver Crantz

Listen to Culliver Crantz read chapter one from the award winning book, The Cursed Coin (Book 1 in the FrightVision series).


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