Your Nightmare is ready. Let's begin!

Check out the first five books in the FrightVision middle grade book series


From the haunted mind of Culliver Crantz and his multiple personalities 

comes the new middle grade book series, FrightVision. 

These stories are told through the eyes of unsuspecting kids 

experiencing the unimaginable—

a cursed coin, a never ending bad picture day, 

a genie that turns on them, 

a neighbor with a ghostly secret, 

and a selfie gone wrong ... 

These are just the beginning ... What is happening? 

Why is it happening? 

Who is doing this to these kids?

See how it all begins in The Cursed Coin.


Then get your copies of Picture Day, Wishful Thinking, 

Framed for Life, and #GraveyardChallenge.


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