About the middle grade book series

From the haunted mind of Culliver Crantz and his multiple personalities,  comes a fast paced, twist filled, spooky middle grade book series:  FrightVision

Something unexplainable is happening to seemingly unconnected kids and it all started with a coin. Goosebumps meets Stranger Things in this exciting new series. 

The stories are told through the eyes of unsuspecting kids experiencing the unimaginable—a cursed coin, a never ending bad picture day, a genie that turns on them, a neighbor with a ghostly secret, and a selfie gone wrong ... These are just the beginning ... What is happening? Why is it happening? Who is doing this to these kids?

See how it all begins in the Award Winning Book, The Cursed Coin. Then follow along and keep reading the next books in the series: Picture Day, Wishful Thinking, Framed for Life, #GraveyardChallenge, The Attack of the Yellow Smart Sack, and The Cursed Coin 2.

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What age is the recommended reader for these books?

7-12 years old (Grades 3-6).

How scary are these books?

They're spooky and fun adventure books, but not the scariest books in the world!

Where does the name FrightVision come from?

You'll have to read the books to find out!

Does FrightVision do school events?

Absolutely! Crantz has done author events all over the United States, both in person and/or via Skype. Contact us for more information about the type of events we can do with your school or class and for recommendation letters!

Are there educator discounts for books?

Absolutely! Contact us for more details!



 Award Winning Author Culliver Crantz was just a normal average Joe until one day he fell and injured his knee. The only way to fix it and keep it together was to put screws into it. That was when Culliver Crantz was created. The screws weren't normal or regular... it turned out they were rusted ... with a curse for his mind. Once the screws went in, the nightmares and spooky thrills came to him ... and they're still coming. He is constantly writing, telling the stories in his head. and hoping that you all join him for a ride into the unknown depths of his mind. Happy Nightmares everyone!   

The beginning of the frightvision middle grade book series

"The Cursed Coin"

"Wishful Thinking"

"The Cursed Coin"


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Book 1: The Cursed Coin


Goosebumps meets Stranger Things in the spooky new middle grade adventure book series from Award Winning Author, 

Culliver Crantz.

The FrightVision book series begins with 

The Cursed Coin.

Are  you afraid of everything? Well RJ is. Good thing his little sister,  Shelly, isn't scared of anything because the creepy mansion at the end  of the cul-de-sac has a few frightening surprises waiting for them,  including a cursed coin that puts both of their lives in danger.

When  the two try to get rid of the coin, RJ realizes its power. The more he  holds it, the more he wants to be evil. Will RJ be able to get rid of  the coin or will he embrace its power and never be afraid again?

The  Cursed Coin is just the beginning of the many nightmares that await  from the haunted mind of Culliver Crantz and his multiple personalities.

Welcome to FrightVision: Your nightmare is ready. Let's begin!

A 2020 Winner Story Monsters Approved! Book Contest (Middle Grade Books category)

"Picture Day"

"Wishful Thinking"

"The Cursed Coin"


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Julia Dove joins Crantz and adds to the scares in Picture Day.


The FrightVision series continues with the second scare, Picture Day.

Eli  Green has had a string of bad luck on school picture day, like the time  he had food stuck in his teeth, the mid-sneeze snapshot, and of course,  brace face. But this year, all of that is about to change. His braces  are off, his hair is freshly cut, and he’s standing next to his crush.  But he forgot to take out his retainer!

When the camera flash  goes off, electricity runs through his mouth, and he falls back in his  chair. Maybe next picture day will go better, except this time Eli is  stuck in a loop and he’s reliving picture day over and over. Will he be  able to figure out how to solve what needs to change in order for him to  make it to tomorrow? Or will he be stuck taking bad pictures forever? 

"Wishful Thinking"

"Wishful Thinking"

"Wishful Thinking"


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John Zakour works with Crantz, adding thrills and humor with Wishful Thinking.

The FrightVision Middle Grade Book Series continues with the third scare, Wishful Thinking.

While  searching for the perfect birthday present for their mom, Barry and  Tammy discover an old test tube from an antique shop in town. Much to  their delight, they find the test tube holds a genie that can grant  their every wish. At first Barry and Tammy use the wishes for their own  entertainment, but soon they realize that this genie may be too good to  be true, especially when it can read their minds.

When the  genie gets stronger and stronger, it turns on them. Will the kids be  able to use what they wished for to stop it? Or did they unexpectedly  create a monster even more powerful than the genie? 

"Framed For Life"

"The Attack of the Yellow Smart Sack"

"Wishful Thinking"


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Artemis Hart and Bruce Zanders teams with Crantz to add twists and turns in 

Framed For Life.

  The FrightVision series continues with the fourth scare, Framed For Life.

Nothing  ever happens on Josh’s boring street. So when the new family moves in  next door, he doesn’t think anything of it—until he meets the new girl,  Beatrice, and discovers something is very wrong.

With the  help of his two best friends, Clio and Tom, Josh has to find a way to  save Beatrice. But in saving her, he may have to send her away for good.  And what if his conspiracy crazed friend, Tom, is right? What if her  parents are aliens? Or wizards? Or ghosts? One thing’s for sure - Josh  isn’t bored anymore.  


"The Attack of the Yellow Smart Sack"

"The Attack of the Yellow Smart Sack"


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Sasha Thomas gives nightmares with Crantz in #GraveyardChallenge.


   The nightmares from the FrightVision series continue with the fifth book, #GraveyardChallenge.

Twelve-year-old  Qenna Scott plans a perfect slumber party: movies, pizza, and the  company of her new BFFs. So when her creepy ex-friend crashes the party,  Qenna will do anything to salvage the night. Even if it means sneaking  into a graveyard after midnight to snap a selfie with a gravestone. But  the silly dare has grave consequences.

Qenna captures  something sinister in her photo—an eerie fog that creeps closer to her  with each new picture. Can she stop the fog from stealing her life, or  will she become another victim of the #graveyardchallenge?  

"The Attack of the Yellow Smart Sack"

"The Attack of the Yellow Smart Sack"

"The Attack of the Yellow Smart Sack"


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Robert Walcott teams with Crantz to create a really fun and wild new nightmare.


 The FrightVision series continues with Book 6: The Attack of the Yellow Smart Sack.

Lewis Izinger desperately wants a new backpack, but not just any backpack… he wants the all new Yellow Smart Sack!

It’s  the hottest fad at Cantaloupe Valley Middle School, worn by the social  elite. The Yellow Smart Sack is light as air, no matter how much it’s  carrying! It keeps track of all its contents and finds whatever you’re  looking for! It plays your favorite tunes! And it even helps with your  grades.

But all of that comes at a cost because the Yellow  Smart Sack has needs of its own ... Like being fed and it doesn’t like  being separated from its owner … ever.

Lewis will soon learn that sometimes you own a backpack, and sometimes the backpack owns you! 

"The Cursed Coin 2"

Your Nightmare is Ready. Let's begin!

Your Nightmare is Ready. Let's begin!


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The FrightVision middle grade book series continues with book 7 in the series: The Cursed Coin 2! (This is the sequel to the award winning novel, The Cursed Coin—book 1 in the series)

Flying Fishsticks!!!

RJ  and Shelly are back and in more danger than ever—this time at Gorge  Way. As if their last adventure at house thirteen wasn't scary enough,  this time they're out to answer the many questions that remain ... What  really happened to their dad? Could he be alive? And what are the evil  scientists planning next?

Using the goggles from house  thirteen, they find a clue to another mysterious address. But when RJ  and Shelly get there, it's just an empty lot—at least that is what they  think.

RJ will face his toughest and gravest challenges yet.  Will he be able to solve the mystery of FrightVision or will RJ be  forced to call upon the evil powers of the Cursed Coin and release the  monster inside?

Your Nightmare is Ready. Let's begin!

Your Nightmare is Ready. Let's begin!

Your Nightmare is Ready. Let's begin!


*Not a book, just an awesome illustration!

Tim Jacobus, the incredible artist that illustrated so many of the Goosebumps covers by R. L. Stine, created this for FrightVision!